Last January, some artists choreographed a performance on G.Mend-Ooyo’s ecological essays called  "Letters from the Steppe" at theatre 14, Paris on the 21st of January.

Now, the next performance was announced at another theatre on 28th May. Hosted by FOCUS TRAP and Théâtre d'Ailes Ardentes

Join the event if you can!

At the announcement:

These Steppe Letters embody the committed word of the great Mongolian poet G.Mend-Ooyo. They transport us to the heart of the Land of the Great Blue Sky where one of the last nomadic peoples of the planet has always maintained an intimate and spiritual link with their ancestral land. A call to be aware of the beauty of the world more than ever threatened by the greed of men.

"The Mongols consider the sky as their f itather, the land as their mother.Their relations with mountains and hills, lakes, rivers and springs, cliffs and rocks, are based on the belief that all these elements are endowed with life and meaning, that all have a soul. "

A man and a woman open in turn eight letters destined for them from distant Mongolian steppes. Through the memories, stories and reflections of the Mongol poet, they plunge us into a surprising space-time where the spirit of an ancestral land hovers.

A musician accompanies each step of these letters written in honor of our Mother Earth. Rhythms and melodies rise and do not hesitate to intermingle with electronic sounds.

More relevant than ever, resolutely contemporary and endowed with a universal dimension, these letters can only resonate deeply in each of us. They invite us to change our vision of the world in order to find a harmonious relationship with the natural world around us, for which our own survival depends.

"By emptying the Earth of its goods, the Man evades himself. By killing his planet, he digs his own grave!"

With: Anne-Sylvie Meyza and Rodrigo Ramis.

Music: Benjamin Lauber.

Translation: Raphael Blanchier.