Danzanravjaa International Poetry Festival

Within the framework of the World Congress of Poets, Danzanravjaa International Poetry Festival was held and participated by approximately 300 poets from more than 40 countries who recited their poems in Ulaanbaatar and in the Gobi, united under the slogan “the Wisdom of Nature and the Nature of the Human Heart” from 17 August to 22 August, 2017.

Blessed with both rain and sun, the Danzanravjaa International Poetry Festival kicked off at the Begzyn Yavuulahan Park, a park named after the Great Poet of the East who was State Honored and Emeritus Cultural Worker of Mongolia, and continued in the Eastern (Dorno) Gobi, home of the 5th Noyon Khutukhtu Danzanravjaa, where international poets raced their horses of poetry in the great land of Mongolia and under the Blue Sky of Mongolia.

Spanish poet Justo Jorge Padron was awarded the Golden Scorpion, grand prize of the Danzanravjaa International Poetry Festival, held in Mongolia from Aug 16th to Aug 22nd, 2017. The prize in form of a gold gilt scorpion sitting on a book, symbolizing the wisdom and mystical power of poet Danzanravjaa, came with a diploma and 10 million tugriks in cash.

Also during this festival, Knut Odegard from Norway and Damdinsurengyn Uriangkhai were awarded with the awards “Poetic Ulaanbaatar” along with diplomas and 5 million tugriks each.

One of the accomplishments of the festival was the full cooperation of Mayor’s Office of the City of Ulaanbaatar and the Governor’s Office of the Dornogovi province which indicated the recognition of the importance of poets’ voice in advertising the native Gobi land, the capital city and whole motherland to the outside world.